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Monday, December 15th, 2008
3:56 pm
Fear of Fate
Right now, I'm trying to hide my fear from everyone. What I'm afraid of isn't failure nor success, but, rather, a continuation of the trends which have been prevalent so far.
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3:15 am
PDF Viewing
I use Sumatra PDF for viewing PDFs.
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Current Mood: random
2:12 am
Just curious...
Is pm13 going to be implemented in pygame?
2:10 am
1:53 am
PythongEggs looks interesting http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/PythonEggs , but I'm just assuming that it does what I think from glancing at that page, which is, help resolve/prevent dependencies and allow for bundling of multiple scripts in a single compacted file. 

Python, and esp. Pygame, are basically what JAVA should have been, once Sun developers realised that people wanted animation.

Well, I'll rant more later, maybe... for now, I've had enough for the day.

... or have I?
Sunday, December 14th, 2008
10:57 pm
Python 2.6 vs Numpy1.2.1
Setting: A mild-mannered PC running Windows XP in Performance Mode....

Python 2.6: Hark! I have been languishing in disuse, even as you have Pygame! For shame! Use me!

gran: I, the great Lord of Kode, shall do a small program in pygame....

Pygame, glcube.py: Gleck, Splock, and Erk! What the hesmatta! I need PyOpenGL to run, you foolish windoze luser!

gran: Fine, I shall google forth....

*gran downloads and installs the latest version of PyOpenGL.

gran: Now, glcube, arise!

glcube: I work, but give a mysterious error about "numpy" missing.

gran: Perhaps this "numpy" thing is needed for more advanced work... I will get it, too.

Numpy 1.2.1:  I am available for python 2.4, and python 2.5, but not python 2.6. 

* gran tries the 2.5 version, hopping to get lucky.

numpy: What?! Python 2.5? That doesn't even exist in my worldview! I only want Python 2.6. It's not in the registry, and therefore, does not exist. I will taunt you with a non-interactive dialog that askes you to direct me to the install, but doesn't actually let you do so. Aha!  

* gran mumbles about lost time that he will never regain. 

numpy: Yes, human... your soul grow weaker...

XP: Muhahahha! Even in the world of free software, the corruption of my lord and master shows who really controls the gates and bills. 

*gran ignores the insanity and continues his adventue into the land of pygame development....


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