Granithor, Lord of 13K LAN - dS (granitor) wrote in granill,
Granithor, Lord of 13K LAN - dS

Python 2.6 vs Numpy1.2.1

Setting: A mild-mannered PC running Windows XP in Performance Mode....

Python 2.6: Hark! I have been languishing in disuse, even as you have Pygame! For shame! Use me!

gran: I, the great Lord of Kode, shall do a small program in pygame....

Pygame, Gleck, Splock, and Erk! What the hesmatta! I need PyOpenGL to run, you foolish windoze luser!

gran: Fine, I shall google forth....

*gran downloads and installs the latest version of PyOpenGL.

gran: Now, glcube, arise!

glcube: I work, but give a mysterious error about "numpy" missing.

gran: Perhaps this "numpy" thing is needed for more advanced work... I will get it, too.

Numpy 1.2.1:  I am available for python 2.4, and python 2.5, but not python 2.6. 

* gran tries the 2.5 version, hopping to get lucky.

numpy: What?! Python 2.5? That doesn't even exist in my worldview! I only want Python 2.6. It's not in the registry, and therefore, does not exist. I will taunt you with a non-interactive dialog that askes you to direct me to the install, but doesn't actually let you do so. Aha!  

* gran mumbles about lost time that he will never regain. 

numpy: Yes, human... your soul grow weaker...

XP: Muhahahha! Even in the world of free software, the corruption of my lord and master shows who really controls the gates and bills. 

*gran ignores the insanity and continues his adventue into the land of pygame development....


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